Free File Managers
Free File Managers

We are constantly working with files and folders. Those who work with a lot of folders or files, you must use the file manager. They make it much easier to work with files and folders, and save your time. Now we look at the most popular free file managers.

Double Commander

Double Commander free file manager that is an alternative to pay (and very common) Total Commander. Double Commander has a very intuitive interface (similar to Total Commander). The program window is divided into two columns, which can be customized.

Double Commander supports numerous features: group renaming files, archives, compound files, advanced search for files (you can search for text files), support for plug-in Total Commander, FTP-client. In addition, in the Double Commander enabled text editor with syntax highlighting and osmotrschik images.

In general, the program, despite its free status, has excellent functionality and can be a complete substitute for paid Total Commander.


FreeCommander free file manager does not require installation on your computer. It can be worn on a flash drive and run on your computer.

FreeCommander interface consists of two columns. It can be set up for themselves (the location of the panels, bookmarks, etc.).

Functionality of the program than not inferior to other competitors. In addition to the usual operations (copy, move, delete) FreeCommander can create checksums, manage files, sardelyat compare files to search. The structure is built FreeCommander FTP -client and osmotrschik files.

FreeCommander Double Commander slightly inferior in functionality, but its advantage is portability. Wearing a file manager with a very user-friendly.

Nexus File

Nexus File free file manager with a very nice interface. If you love stylish and beautiful program, Nexus File your file manager. The program window is divided into two columns. The Nexus File lots of customization options of the program interface, including support for skins. There is a portable version of the program.

Functionality is very similar to similar programs: advanced functionality to rename, copy and move files, split, and merge halyards, FTP-client, work with archives.

Nexus File pretty good and easy file manager, but it is better not to name it is impossible. But on the design and the beauty of it is far ahead of the others.

Few people think that the timely cleaning of your desktop computer or laptop from dust will eliminate many problems before they occur. In particular, after the removal of dust from the computer it will run faster and quieter. In a typical installation a desktop computer cooling air is drawn in by fans from the front of the chassis and is ejected from the rear of the computer, so that the dust in the air (and it always has) gradually settles on all components of your PC.

What can happen if there is dust in the computer?

Dust can damage processor, graphics, chip set reduces its thermal conductivity. In this case, the sensors receive the signal that the temperature rose, the fans start spinning faster, causing greatly increased noise. If the air blower can not effectively cool the radiator is clogged, the processor starts to overheat, causing the user can notice the computer is "slow", it begins a long process each action performed. When a certain threshold temperature automatically turn off the computer, but on some models automatically shut off when a certain threshold is reached the heating is not provided in this case, a device may fail and you need to repair your computer. It should be noted that the various models of CPU and GPU operating temperatures are very different - one device is quite normal may be a temperature of 80 ° C, while another is already 60 ° C, is too much, so one should not be scared just putting special software and looking at the temperature
As we know from physics in the hot air can hold more moisture than cold. Therefore, when cooling air vapor contained in it is condensed and settles. For example, this process we can observe the winter, when warm air in a room, car or bus is in contact with the cold surface of the glass and the condensed water is deposited on it. The same thing happens in your desktop or laptop - hot air heated microchips meets the cold air that is blown by fans from the external environment. As a result, the system unit may form condensed water. If your computer is too much dust, the probability of circuit is greatly increased as the wet dust excellent conductor of electricity.

Hello dear friends today we going to talk about professional and gaming monitors. There are huge number of companies that produce monitor equipment. Here are one of the best names in Monitor Business - Asus, Samsung, LG, Viewsonic, Dell, BenQ, LOC, Lenovo, Acer and others. If you are looking for expensive and professional monitors - Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and LOC. These monitors are created for professional Photoshop users, photographers and other professionals. These monitors have high contrast and excellent colors. If you want to see true colors you need to use one of these. Dell is one of the best companies in professional monitor manufacturing. Their monitors are expensive and qualitative and there are no other company that can be compared to DELL. Professional monitors are made with IPS technology, that provides qualitative colors and low delay.

If you are a gamer then you don't need to purchase expensive monitors you need fast and low prices monitor that will show everything you need on monitor without input lag or without delay. Samsung, LG, BenQ - produce qualitative and cheap monitors that many gamer like. Esport members use 24" monitors with 1-3ms refresh rate and they  don't need professional colors.

Also if you are forex expert you can connect up to 8 monitors in one personal computer. This is very needed feature for professionals who use multitasking in their work. If you can see on our picture there are 6 monitors that are connected to one PC.

Also Movie makers use professional monitoring for their production and filming. Everyone uses monitors today, so this hardware is needed in our day - to day life.

If you searching for one of the best monitors you should look for LG or Samsung - because they produce their panels by them selves and their panels are very qualitative and low priced.

Monitors are very important today and this business is growing. Apple introduced high density pixel rates that are called - retina and all monitor manufacturers produce retina models today. Samsung created curved monitors that are curved on angles and this method can improve your experience.

We collected articles about different types of monitors and we want to share this information with you. Read our blog and you will know more about computing and web. We write this articles to improve your knowledge about Personal Computers.

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