Upgrade Your Personal Computer

So you have decided to throw away your old personal computer and purchase new shiny pc? You are welcome to our blog, where we will tell you how to do it and when to do it.

Nowadays all games are very demanding and they always need huge computer power. Computer hardware gets old very fast and your new Crysis game won't be playable on new system, so you need to upgrade your Personal computer.

First and the most important hardware part in gaming pc is graphics card and you need to select it very carefully, because graphic card is one of the most important things in PC. It is very easy to select graphics card. Just spend 300+ dollars on it and you will receive perfect combination of price and performance.

Second thing that you need in your PC is Motherboard. Motherboard is main hardware part in every PC. You would need to connect everything that you PC has in it. Choose carefully there are many huge companies that produce motherboards - Asus, Gigabyte, Biostar etc. You can spend up to 200$ on qualitative and good motherboard.

After you made your choice on graphics card and motherboard you would need to select qualitative memory, power supply, hard drive, case and coolers. You can search on ebay for good deals and you will save a lot of money on these parts. After you will select all these parts it is very simple to connect them and to torn them on.

We can advise you in graphic card selection because we think that good graphics card equals good and stable personal computer. There are two companies - AMD and NVIDIA. If you like to save some money you should select AMD, if you want to buy qualitative and expensive card you should select NVIDIA.

There are many games that demand huge compute powers and if you are a gamer you should spend a lot of money on your rig. Also don't forgot about Monitor, good monitor will improve your gaming experience to the new level. Do not be afraid to spend some money on your joy. Gaming is passion and if you are passionate gamer - then you need good and stable gaming PC that will improve your gaming experience.
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