Best Touchscreen All-in-One PCs

All-in-One computers are fascinating devices that have come a long way from being the only option on the market like Commodore PET to the tiny niche, associated only with iMac and finally to modern convenient devices for those of us who seek to optimize their workspace.

Currently, Apple lost the monopoly on these All-in-One PCs as there have emerged affordable and equally efficient and up-to-date All-in-One models from Lenovo, Dell, Acer and other manufacturers.

Moreover, some of the modern All-in-One PCs have touchscreen feature, allowing you to work directly with monitor and increasing the efficiency of your work. Touchscreen all-in-One PC is undoubtedly a great choice if you have little space and do not require your PC to be a gaming monster.

All in one touchscreen PC

What All-in-One touchscreen computer is the best?

Below are best affordable All-in-One touchscreen PCs that showed top results during testing against corresponding benchmarks:

Dell XPS 18 (1820) All in One Desktop
Dell XPS 18 (1820) is the most expensive entry in this list ($1.5K). It has 18” full HD IPS display with 10-point touch capability that can be removed from the stand and used like a tablet. This PC is portable and quite sleek, which is why it will fit in the majority of briefcases if there appears a necessity to take it to work for a business meeting or in a trip.

The heart of this PC is Intel Core i7 processor, which is quite impressive for all-in-one PC. System boots from 256GB SSD, but you can increase the capacity via SD card slot, cloud storage or portable external SSD/HDD via USB 3.0. This PC can be powered directly via AC adapter or via stand, which has a port for power connector. The display shows clear and bright colors even in case the room is lit with sunlight.

However if it’s too bright for you – you can adjust contrast and brightness in settings. It’s decently calibrated by manufacturer, which is why it can be used straight from the box. Stand for XPS 18 is ergonomic and tilts 10 to 70 degrees.

Overall, it is a great All-in-One touchscreen PC for routine work and entertainment purposes. It’s fair to say that it lacks capacity for such a price tag, however you can boost it via external drives or cloud storage.

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Lenovo C260 Touch Screen

Touchscreen PC Lenovo

Lenovo C260 Touch is a perfect example of affordable all-in-one PCs with touchscreen. It has a minimal price tag of $480 and can boast 19.5" high-resolution LCD touch screen display encased in polycarbonate chassis.

Lenovo C260 Touch supports a surprising amount of advanced features and components, found in much more expensive PCs, such as quad-core Intel Pentium J2900 processor, 4GB of RAM that can be upgraded to 8GB, Intel HD Graphics and a 500GB HDD, which is more than enough if you’re planning to use it for general purposes, such as work and entertainment.

It’s not a gaming monitor, however it’s fast, reliable and sleek enough to free a lot of space on your workstation. Interface wise it has one USB 3.0 port and a couple of USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet port and HDMI-out that will allow you to watch your favorite videos or movies on big screen TV.

Overall, Lenovo C260 Touch takes the cake for an ideal entry-level PC with lots of useful functions, convenient interface and impressive memory storage for such a small price tag.

Acer Aspire Z (AZ3-615-UR15) All in One

For those who love bigger Full HD screens Acer has released its new model Aspire Z (AZ3-615-UR15) with a modest price tag of $950 for a midrange All-in-One touchscreen PC. Acer Aspire Z boasts 23’’ Full HD touchscreen that showed outstanding results during testing. The images are clear and sharp.

Display shows great colors even in sunlit room and can be calibrated in compliance to your preferences. Apart from that, it has Intel Core i5-4570T processor as well as Intel HD Graphics 4600. Interface wise it is compatible with multitude of devices.

It has 4 USB ports: 2 x USB 2.0 and 2 x USB 3.0, HDMI -in and -out that allows connection to a new PC when Aspire becomes obsolete. 8GB of RAM will be more than enough for system to run flawlessly.

The capacity of Aspire Z is also impressive – 1TB will allow you to store heaps of data. Overall, it’s a perfect harmony between value and price. It worth every cent due to the up-to-date processor, big touchscreen display and noteworthy HDD capacity.

Dell OptiPlex 9030 Touch Screen

Dell OptiPlex 9030 Touch is a midrange All-in-One touchscreen PC with price tag on a hefty side - $1324. Nevertheless, it may amaze with a multitude of high-end components and features. It boasts 23” Full HD touchscreen with 10-point touch capability that allows several people to work on the same PC simultaneously. OptiPlex 9030 Touch is quite ergonomic with adjustable stand for better viewing angles.

Intel Core i5-4590S processor makes it run rather quick. Price can be justified by a wide range of features that facilitate the exploitation of this PC and prolong service life of its components. It supports -in and -out HDMI ports, 2 x USB 2.0 ports and 6 (!) x USB 3.0 ports – that’s enough ports to connect OptiPlex 9030 Touch to all the USB devices in your house.

8GB of RAM ensures speedy work of your system, while 500GB HDD offers plenty of space to store all your movie and music collections. The only downside it relatively slower system boot if compared to SSD-powered PCs.

Lenovo Horizon 2e

Lenovo Horizon 2e is an affordable 2nd-gen all-in-one touchscreen PC with reasonable price tag of $750. It boasts 21.5” Full HD 10-point touch touchscreen that can be tilted 15 to 70 degrees. The heart of this PC is Intel Core i3-4030U processor that helps system run seamlessly.

It has adequate RAM capacity of 4GB, which is more than enough from general usage. Thanks to 1TB of storage, you can install all the apps and programs you wanted to install, but never had enough space.

Intel HD Graphics 4400 provides enough power for the blue-ray movies to run flawlessly without
any lags. Interface wise Lenovo Horizon 2e supports 3 x USB 3.0 ports, HDMI-in port and SD card reader.

It’s a fairly priced, up-to-date and convenient all-in-one touchscreen PC that you should consider if you want an efficient and reliable all-in-one touchscreen PC.

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The best touchscreen All-in-One PCs we would buy if were you

Touchscreen All-in-One PC is an amazing option for people intending to use their PC for general purposes: it’s ergonomic, takes little to no space (if mounted on the wall) and costs adequately. Of course, there are hi-end models like iMac that will burn a hole in your budget, but you won’t gain much by choosing it, because there is a multitude of affordable all-in-one touchscreen PCs from other manufacturers that cost considerably less.

For entry-level all-in-one touchscreen computers, we would recommend rather cheap Lenovo C260 Touch that has great functionality and modest price tag.

However, if you made up your mind to go for a midrange PC, then you should consider Acer Aspire Z with impressive RAM and storage capacity as well as multitude of connectivity options that make this PC the heart of your entertainment system.
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