STEM System™ - Wireless Motion Tracking System for Virtual Reality

Stem System: Wireless Motion Tracking System

Sixense has recently announced the upcoming release of its groundbreaking untethered motion tracking system for virtual reality (VR). The new motion-tracking platform, called STEM System, gives its users an opportunity to feel free and comfortable while interacting with virtual reality environment.

Thus, user will be able to move around his living room or sit at his desk, wearing STEM devices. System will track his position from five points, providing a much more profound VR experience, no matter if the user is at his desktops or walks around the room.

The advantages of the new platform include longer range, considerably improved performance and wireless use. This is particularly important in terms of convenience; wireless operation allows you to avoid entangling yourself in all the power cords, while using STEM System with tethered VR devices, such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Microsoft HoloLens.

Steam Pack and Oculus Rift

System Components:

Base is a changing station for all 5 STEM devices: 3 STEM Packs and 2 controllers. Apart from that, it has 3 USB ports for charging, so if Oculus, HTC or Microsoft ever manage to deliver untethered VR headsets – you’ll know where to plug them. Besides, you can always charge your phone or other portable devices.

2 STEM Controllers
2 wireless STEM controllers will actually function very similar to Oculus Touch. You’ll have your basics here: trigger, set of buttons and a joystick. However, it will have one thing that has not been announced in Oculus Touch - haptic feedback. This is a major improvement, since haptic feedback helps user feel more confident in his actions in VR environment.

3 STEM Packs
STEM Packs are designed exclusively for tracking. They will be attached to calves and head and also provide haptic feedback. The headpiece will be attached to the VR headset to provide impeccable tracking of the users head movements.

STEM System Technology

Features of the new STEM System Technology:

STEM System is a next generation of motion-tracking technology, currently used worldwide. It’s a step forward in the direction of enhanced performance, substantially decreased latency and considerably boosted range that allows interacting with the base at an impressive distance.

  • Untethered electromagnetic motion tracking
  • Five-point body tracking providing freedom of movement for interaction with Virtual Reality.
  • 5 Tracking Points
  • 3 STEM Packs are attached to head and calves, while 2 controllers are operated by hands. Packs can also be removed and attached in various configurations.
  • Increased range
  • New STEM System will allow you to be as far as 5 meters away from the base, while interacting with VR environment.


Given that limitations, associated with the real world, spoil virtual reality experience, conventional devices, such as mice or keyboards seem alien for VR, killing the depth of the user’s immersion. STEM System changes that and provides users with a magnificent virtual reality experience, where they can freely walk and look at their feet, actually seeing feet, as they would have in real life.

VR developers agree that with the further progress of VR technology the need of untethered motion-tracking devices is as relevant as ever. New STEM System from Sixense is a decisive step in the right direction, a beacon of hope for uninterrupted and absolute immersion in virtual reality. STEM System frees you from wires and gives you freedom of impeccable VR experience.
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