Speck Pocket VR – A Phone Case That Doubles As A VR headset

Speck Pocket VR

Given the extent of development, which VR has already reached, the enormous amount of affordable and simple in usage VR-related devices can hardly be surprising. Nowadays each and every tech-manufacturing company is in search of a decent angle to get into VR. There is no doubt that virtual reality will be the gaming platform of the future. One can also note a rise in the production of mobile games. Combining these two would be quite an achievement. Speck attempted to create a device that is associated with both, and succeeded in it.

What is Speck Pocket VR?

Speck Pocket VR is a sturdy phone case that doubles as a virtual reality headset, allowing you to enjoy VR experience right out of your pocket. It was first unveiled at CES in January this year in Las Vegas. The reaction of the audience was beyond enthusiastic; everyone thought it to be cool and unprecedented approach to VR. It protects your phone from physical damage and allows you to immerse into the mesmerizing 3D worlds. Users will also be able to take advantage of CandyShell Grip – robust smartphone case, included in the device.

Speck VR

How does it work?

Pocket VR sports compact and collapsible design. When you open the phone case and fold it according to the instruction, precision-crafted lenses allow viewing virtual reality content with immersive effect. If no longer needed, side panels can be folded into flat case that shield not only the phone itself, but also lenses from any physical damage. Its extremely convenient design, gives Speck Pocket VR a definite edge over similar VR content viewing devices.

Price and Release date:

In compliance with Speck statement, company is planning to launch Pocket VR sales in spring 2016. This case is compatible with iPhone 6(s) as well as Galaxy S6. The overall price for the bundle of CandyShell Grip phone case and VR viewer will be approximately $70.


Bottom line:

Virtual Reality era is finally here and continues to evolve at an exponential rate. Although at the moment true VR headsets, such as Vive and Oculus are the most popular ones, they are too expensive for the average gamer. This is exactly the time when small and thought through devices as Speck’s Pocket VR can actually succeed.

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