Meta 2 – New Competitor In The Field Of Augmented Reality

Meta 2 Headset

In comparison with virtual reality devices, such as Vive and Oculus, which are about to be released, augmented reality devices remain sort of in the shadows. That is quite unfair, given that this technology that has first of all industrial application, will one day replace smartphones. Granted, augmented realty devices are not as sleek as VR headsets (however that is also arguable), nevertheless, if one gets a chance to use one – it becomes a real eye-opener.

What is Meta 2?

Meta 2 – an augmented reality headset has been unveiled in February, during TED 2016. The first feature that catches theeye is certainly the extensive 90-degree field-of-view and 2560×1440 display. Such an extensive field of view is unprecedented for augmented reality headsets; even HoloLens offers lesser field-of-view. However, according to CEO of Meta augmented reality headset in future will look just like a stripe of protective glass.

How Meta 2 works?

In virtual reality, field-of-view (FoV) is very important because user has to be concentrated on the virtual world. In augmented reality, field of view must be clear, as images are streamed into theeye retina. Meta 2 can replace practically every mobile device – tablet, laptop, smartphone – you name it. It allows you to interact with virtual objects, streamed to the wearable glasses. Movements of your head and body are
being tracked with sensors that transfer the signals and modify the way the objects are displayed on the glasses. The controls help to select and move objects. Meta 2 also provides eye-tracking, which has a definite advantage as an enterprise-focused solution, despite the fact that for now manual input is considered a more precise option.

Meta 2 Virtual Reality

Price tag and Release date

At this point, VR can be considered a first step towards industrial use of augmented reality, an adaptation of sorts. It’s still new and desirable for many. However, as soon as the hype surrounding VR is over and people start to think about practical application of the technology, augmented reality era will began and stay for good. Company planning to start shipping the headsets in the 3rd quarter of 2016. Meta 2 dev kit is available for per-order for the price of $949.

Bottom line:

Virtual reality is just a first step towards augmented reality application at an industrial scale. Its possibilities are truly limitless and when the technology allows making the AR headsets lighter and more affordable, gradual transition towards replacing all our mobile devices with AR headsets will commence.

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