Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 – A Groundbreaking $80K Sound System

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90

As it is aptly noted on the Bang & Olufsen website, BeoLab 90 is not for everyone. It is hardly surprising given its hefty price tag of $80K. Nevertheless, this sound system is worth every cent. After three years of research and engineering company finally unveiled its loudspeaker at CES 2016.

What is BeoLab 90?

First of all, it’s an innovative piece of cutting-edge technology that is stuffed with multitude of latest advancements in the field of digital sound. BeoLab 90 can boast 18 hi-tech loudspeaker drivers, strategically placed on the tower to provide the best performance. However, speakers are not the only feature that makes BeoLab 90truly impressive. It also possesses 360-degree design that secures incredible clarity of sound in every corner of the room.

How does it work?

BeoLab 90 combines not only speakers, but also sound silencer. Imagine yourself in a conference room where sound reflects from the walls and impedes clear perception of what the speaker is saying. BeoLab 90 absorbs this reflected sound, allowing you to experience sensational clarity of sound. This technology is called an Active Room Compensation. It allows you to enjoy clear sound in any part of your apartment or room.

Moreover, BeoLab 90 can also boast Beam Width Control that allows you to direct sound in any part of the room or the apartment. If in the conference hall people could not hear you clearly from the last rows of seats – no problem, just use the remote control,choose Beam Width Control and direct sound where it is needed the most. You can actually beam it in any direction as BeoLab 90 offers 360-degree coverage.

BeoLab 90

Tech Specs

BeoLab 90 is equipped with 18hi-tech loudspeaker drivers that produce around 8200 watts per loudspeaker via 14 channels of ICEpower amplifiers. It also contains 4 class D amplifiers that were modified for BeoLab90’s unique design. It is made to deliver impeccable sound anytime and anywhere. System can also be controlled by your smartphone with the help of an app. This app can be used to pre-program all settings in compliance with your preferences.

Bottom line:

Bang & Olufsen company has truly outdone itself with this amazing sound system. Ease of use, cutting edge technologies and unbelievable clarity of sound justify the high cost of the system. Those lucky of us who will be able to afford it will be in for a treat. It truly is an innovative, outstanding and inspiring piece of technology.
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