How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse

Guidelines for selecting best gaming mice.
If you are a hardcore gamer you know very well that an awesome and professional mouse is an integral part of gaming experience. The overwhelming majority of gaming mouse have high dpi and ips. Apart from that, they are filled with specific functions and options.

Some of these gaming mice, such as Razer Naga have an entire array of programmable buttons. This comes especially in handy, when playing massively multiplayer online games. High dpi (dots per inch) rate is crucial for the game’s sensitivity or the amount of efforts you need to apply to move virtual objects.

For instance, when you’re playing first-person shooter you need to move your cursor effortlessly. Ips or inchesper second factor, is extremely important if you need low mouse sensitivity. The higher the ips the better, but keep in mind that the surface you’re using it on also plays a huge role in its flawless work. Among the most popular computer mice are such well-known names as Razer DeathAdder, Logitech G502 or Mad Catz R.A.T.M

Remember that a gamer mouse must suits the pc gamer needs perfectly, which is why you need to choose it carefully.

Here are a couple of guiding lines to help you find the best gaming mouse:

Purpose of gamer mouse

Every player is unique and has a unique gaming style, not to mention preferences. Some of them like their miceto be concise, elegant and ergonomic, whilst others prefer a wide row of functions and multitude of buttons. You need to determine the type of games you’ll be using it the most, how much you’re willing to shell out on it and what features are of the primary importance to you.

There is a multitude of mice on the market, you need to find that will suit all your need perfectly, it must have high ips and dpi, have decent functionality and correspond the sum you’re planning on paying for it.

Tethered or wireless gaming mouse

Franky speaking, wireless mouse or wired mouse – is all about your personal preference. Yes, there was a time when wireless mice were much slower; however, it’s not the case anymore. Nevertheless, wireless mouse can still suddenly disconnect in the middle of the game, causing you to lose. Wireless mice also require batteries and charge slower. Nonetheless, they are more convenient in terms of maneuverability and lack of tether.

Features & Buttons of gaming mice

It’s fair to say that in terms of gaming mouse functionality and buttons, gamers can be divided in two camps: those who absolutely hate the abundance of buttons and additional features and those who totally adore them.

The basic game mouse consist of 2 buttons and scrolling wheel. Some brands even make their point to create simple, yet elegant mice for gaming with outstanding quality, for instance: ROCCAT Lua. The advanced mouse may feature dozens of buttons and hotkeys, custom cases and extensions. It takes a great deal of time to learn all the functions, but when you do – you’ll be unstoppable in the gameplay. One of the best examples of such mice is Razer Naga Chroma with 19 programmable buttons.

Speed of game mouses 

No matter which gaming mouse you choose, it has to have a high ips and dpi rate in order for it to be called a professional mouse for playing games. Even if you don’t require high speed at the moment – you never know what game will entice you next, which is why it is highly recommended to buy a mousewith high dpi and ips that are adjustable. Thus, you’ll be able to slow your mouse down for one game, or up its sensitivity for another.

Large gaming mouse vs small ones

Just like there are right-handed and left-handed people, currently, market provides gaming mice for everyone. Left-handed mice and just as good right-handed, the best example being Orion Nova X9 with 8200DPI.

There exist two game mouse grip options: palm and claw. Palm grip is ideal for those, who like to rest their palm on a mouse; correspondingly, claw grip is for those, who hold mouse with fingertips. Naturally, the bigger and heavier mice are for people with palm grip, despite that fact that they may not have been built specifically for a certain grip.

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The type of gaming mouse will have a huge impact on your gaming experience, no matter what type of game you are purchasing it for. That is why you need to do make up your mind on the main aspects listed in this article. After that, you’ll have to conduct a thorough market research on the best gaming mice that correspond to your requirements that are currently on the market and choose the one that will fit our price range, purpose, grip and other requirements.
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