Origin Omni – A Unique All-in-one Curved Gaming PC Hybrid

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It's a commonly known fact that all-in-one computers are a perfect solution for office. They consume less power than laptops and usual PC and require very little space in comparison to the bulky PC’s. However, all-in-one computers also have their shortcomings. For instance, they have integrated graphics card and other components, which simply cannot be powerful enough to support video gaming at a level, required by hardcore gaming enthusiasts. With technological advancements, video games become increasingly demanding in terms of hardware. Apart from that, the appearance of VR and 4K UHD monitors also require quite a serious set-up for smooth work. Therefore, all-in-one computers simply cannot compete in the field of gaming with their rather weak integrated hardware.

Introducing Origin Omni

Origin has unveiled its new technological wonder during CES 2016 in Las Vegas. It’s an all-in-one computer with curved monitor, designed specifically for gaming. Obviously, it is hard to underestimate the benefits of such device – it takes very little space and requires only keyboard and mouse. No more tug-of-war with tangled cables all over your workstation – everything is inside its stunningly beautiful curved monitor.

Origin Omni

What distinguishes Omni from other AIO's?

Origin Omni is customizable. It means that Origin equipped its latest creation with traditional components of a decent gaming PC. Thus, if there arises the necessity to replace one of the components, say graphics card – you can easily do it. Apart from that, Origin spared no expenses on the gorgeous curved 34” monitor that amazes with its quality. Omni will be available in several configurations; however, modders will find it easy to replace components, as they deem necessary.

Tech specs:

Given its gaming direction, there must be no doubt in the seriousness of its set up. This stunning beauty can boast Core i7 processor, Sealed Liquid–Cooling system, developed by Origin, NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X graphics card, 32 GB of RAM and dual 2.5”SSD’s. Not bad for all-in-one computer. However, the real gem of this device is its gorgeous and beautiful curved 3440 x1440 QHD 34” display with 60Hz refresh rate that can double as TV via HDMI. All of the components can be replaced if better version are needed and available, even the motherboard itself.

Origin Omni PC

Price tag and Release date

As it was promised by Origin, Omni must become available shortly – in the 1st quarter of 2016. Given that the 34” curved monitor alone costs around $800, it should come as no surprise that the prices will start at $2,000. If comparing with gaming laptops, prices on which start at $3,000 and higher – its cost seems reasonable, even more so if you take into account insanely powerful GTX TITAN X, which is included in the rig.


Origin Omni became first all-in-one PC, created for gaming. Now, the question is whether gamers, aiming for high-end gaming PC will take a second look at it and consider buying it instead.

Unfortunately for Origin, these hardcore gamers are the target audience for Omni, so now its creators are anxiously awaiting for the reaction of the audience. Will it be a strong competitor in the PC gaming race – that remains to be seen.

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