Why do you need to Clean Dust in Your PC

Few people think that the timely cleaning of your desktop computer or laptop from dust will eliminate many problems before they occur. In particular, after the removal of dust from the computer it will run faster and quieter. In a typical installation a desktop computer cooling air is drawn in by fans from the front of the chassis and is ejected from the rear of the computer, so that the dust in the air (and it always has) gradually settles on all components of your PC.

What can happen if there is dust in the computer?

Dust can damage processor, graphics, chip set reduces its thermal conductivity. In this case, the sensors receive the signal that the temperature rose, the fans start spinning faster, causing greatly increased noise. If the air blower can not effectively cool the radiator is clogged, the processor starts to overheat, causing the user can notice the computer is "slow", it begins a long process each action performed. When a certain threshold temperature automatically turn off the computer, but on some models automatically shut off when a certain threshold is reached the heating is not provided in this case, a device may fail and you need to repair your computer. It should be noted that the various models of CPU and GPU operating temperatures are very different - one device is quite normal may be a temperature of 80 ° C, while another is already 60 ° C, is too much, so one should not be scared just putting special software and looking at the temperature
As we know from physics in the hot air can hold more moisture than cold. Therefore, when cooling air vapor contained in it is condensed and settles. For example, this process we can observe the winter, when warm air in a room, car or bus is in contact with the cold surface of the glass and the condensed water is deposited on it. The same thing happens in your desktop or laptop - hot air heated microchips meets the cold air that is blown by fans from the external environment. As a result, the system unit may form condensed water. If your computer is too much dust, the probability of circuit is greatly increased as the wet dust excellent conductor of electricity.
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